“While [PBMs’] role is central to the broader pharmaceutical supply chain ecosystem, misalignment of incentives, excess pricing complexity, and a lack of transparency and oversight contribute to the continued increase in prescription drug costs borne by payers and patients.” – PBM Accountability Project: Understanding the Evolving Business Models and Revenue of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (2021)
“The list of PBM abuses and games is seemingly never-ending and evolving…Simply put, PBMs have overwhelmingly abused their responsibility to protect Americans from this country’s drug pricing crisis, instead exploiting the opacity throughout the drug supply chain to enrich themselves.” – Pharmacy Benefit Manager Exposé: How PBMs Adversely Impact Cancer Care While Profiting at the Expense of Patients, Providers, Employers, and Taxpayers (February 2022)
“Americans spend more on prescription drugs than any other country and they pay more out-of-pocket for prescription drugs than hospital care or health insurance. The cost of prescription drugs is still rising as it has consistently over the past decade, placing an ever-increasing financial strain on many Americans.” – A View from Congress: The Role of Pharmacy Benefit Managers in Pharmaceutical Markets (December 2021)